Born in Kutaisi (Georgia) on March 9, 1943.

Graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Drawing Department in 1968.

Studied at the Prof. Lado Grigolia studio.

Honored Artist of the Republic.



Tixi Bay, 1979                       

Saint-Petersburg, 1984

Tbilisi. 1988                          

Moscow, Central House of Artists (TsDKh), 1996

Logovaz at Tverskaya St., Mercedes Benz, Moscow, 1998

Moscow, Foreign Trade Centre (Hammer Federation), 1998

Moscow, Parlament of Russia Federation, 1999

Moscow, The World Bank, 2000, 2001

Moscow, The Directorate of Exhibition and Auctions, the RF of Ministry Culture, 2003



XIII Biennial exhibition of easel painting, Yugoslavia, 1979

Biennial of European Print (plate), Heidelberg, Germany, 1979

Intergrafika-80, Krakow, Poland, 1980

XIV Biennial exhibition of easel painting, Luibliana, Yugoslavia, 1981

International Poster Exhibition, Moscow, 1982

Biennial exhibition of easel painting, Muilouise, France, 1982

XV Biennial exhibition of easel painting, Luibliana, Yugoslavia, 1983

III Biennial exhibition of European Print (plate), Baden-Baden, Germany, 1983

Triennial exhibition Artists against War, Maidanek, Poland, 1985

Biennial exhibition of easel in Varna, Bulgaria, 1985

(Ist Place Silver Plate and diploma)

II International Festival of Arts, Baghdad, Iraq, 1988

III Biennial exhibition of easel painting in Bhopal, Matia-Pradesh, India, 1995

II International Exhibition of easel painting, Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg), Russia 1996

International Arts Fair The Art of XX centry, Art-Manezh, Moscow, Russia, 1996

I International Quadrienneal of graphics, Moscow, 1997

V International Arts Exhibition Palette, Central House of Artists, Moscow, 1999

International Arts Fair, Art-Manezh, Moscow, 2000

III International Triennial  of printing graphic, Ufa, Bashkortostan, 2001


FOREIGN EXHIBITIONS (Through the Russian Artists Union and the USSR Ministry of Culture)

Romania, 1977                                FRG, Saarbrucken, 1982        Cuba, 1986

Hungary, 1977, 1985                        Aachen, 1982                         Argentina, 1986

Bulgaria, 1977, 1983, 1987             Mongolia, 1982, 1985             Mexico, 1987

GDR, 1978                                       Belgium, 1983, 1985, 1987    Nicaragua, 1988

Czechoslovakia, 1978, 1985            Austria, 1984, 1985                Cambodia, 1988

Cyprus, 1979                                   Poland, 1984                          Australia, EXPO-88

Vietnam, 1982, 1985

EXHIBITIONS AND SALES (Through the export salon at the USSR Artists, Union)

France, 1977                                                      Sweden, 1984, 1985

Great Britain, 1977, 1978                                   Switzerland, 1985

USA, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984                            Arts Fair of the socialist countries

1985, 1986, 1987                                              InterArt-85, Poznan, Poland

Austria, 1980, 1985                                            InterArt -86, Poznan, Poland

FRG, 1983, 1985                                                Los Angeles, USA, 1990 (auction)

Czechoslovakia, 1984,  GDR, 1984          Great Britain , Art/London-91 (auction)





Magnum association, Moscow, 1993 (auction)           

Istoki Co., Moscow 1993-1994

Cohem City, FRG, 1994, 1995, 1996

Russian village at Niigata, Japan, 1995

Russian Culture Days in Dehli, India,1995

Russian Art Gallery at Vozdvizhenka-personal exhibition, Moscow, 1996

Kufstein City, Austria, 1996

Tetterode Grafik 1997 contest, Holland (A Window to Europe, Moscow)

Russian Artists tribute to Moscow, Moscow, 1997

Gallery World and colours, London, England, 1999

Gallery Galina, London, England, 1999





State Tretyakov gallery                                       The RF Exhibitions Administration

State A.S.Pushkin Museum                                          The Bakhzadeh Museum, Dushanbe

State Oriental Arts Museum                                         Lvov Arts Galery

State Russian Museum                                       Ust-Kamenogorsk Arts Museum

Modern Art Museum, Cologne, Germany                      Tambov Oblast Picture Gallery        (Dr. Ludwigs collection)                                            Krasnoyarsk Academy of Arts

Arts Museum, Canton, Ohio, USA                                Chelyabinsk Picture Gallery

New Orleans Museum, Louisiana, USA                        Russian Arts Museum, Karakalpakia

All Russian Art Co., Ltd Gallery and Arts          Nikolayev Arts Museum

Museum, Osaka, Japan                                      The RF Main Department of Security

Museum of the Resistance, Brussels, Belgium             North Kazakhstan Oblast Museum of  Dodgy Collection from Gularto Glasnost                      History of Arts, Petropavlovsk City

Nonkonformist Art from The Soviet Union, USA Picture Gallery, Bendery City

Peoples Museum, Poznan, Poland                     Semipalatinsk Arts Museum

Poznan Bureau of Modern Arts, Poznan, Poland Chuvash Picture Gallery (branch),

Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia               Novocheboksarsk

Tolbukhin Picture Gallery, Bulgaria                   Museum of History of Arts, Dagestan                                    

Tixi Peoples Arts Museum                                           Tbilisi Picture Gallery

Central Museum of Revolution, Moscow              Tbilisi State Museum of Arts

State Library, Moscow                                        Kutaisi Picture Gallery             The RF Ministry of Culture                                         State Historical Museum, Kutaisi

Bashkirskiy State Museum of Art of Nesterova        Museum of Art, Donetsk

Museum of Art of Tzjik Republic









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